FPR-UCLA Sex & Gender Conference-Planning Workshop

Saturday, March 1, 2014 (9–4pm)

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Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.09.08 AMThe purpose of this workshop is to plan for the sixth interdisciplinary conference jointly hosted by the FPR and UCLA, which will explore the biological, social, and cultural bases of sex/gender differences, bringing together experts from anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, and related fields.

Recent advances in the biological sciences are challenging the “classic model” of sex determination and sexual differentiation (variations based on chromosomal complement, gonadal hormones, reproductive organs), the fixedness of binary sex categories, and the brain as sexually homogeneous.

Complementing neuroscientific research on sexual determination/differentiation and gender as nonlinear and dynamic are ethnographic accounts of widespread variation – gender pluralism and transgenderism, the “third sex,” and other alternatives to gender polarity – sensitive to culture and context, based on the lived experience and perspectives of persons across the globe.

In light of these developments, the  conference aims to examine changes in our understandings of sex and gender; to critically evaluate their effects outside the laboratory; and to propose novel investigations and conceptual frameworks that could better integrate culture and biology.